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> Descrição

The VS-66FW is a high performance bi-directional matrix switcher/hub for FireWire (IEEE 1394 & 1394A) signals. It can connect multiple ports to create standard branch/leaf groups.

  • Control - Front panel, RS-232 (K-Router™ Windows® - based software is included), & RS- 485, contact closure, & IR remote (Included).
  • Transfer Rates - 100, 200, and 400Mbps.
  • Take Button - Execute multiple switches all at once.
  • Memory Locations - Store multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed.
  • Front Panel Control Lockout.
  • Worldwide Power Supply - 90-240V AC.
  • Standard 19” Rack Mount Size - 1U.


> Especificações

  • INPUTS/OUTPUTS: 6 ports on 6 pin 1394A connectors.
  • STANDARDS: Compliant with IEEE 1394 – 1995 and 1394A-2000 standards.
  • BUS TRANSFER RATE: Up to 400Mb/s signaling rates for high performance serial bus.
  • SOURCED POWER: 12V 1.5A total for any one or all ports.
  • CONTROL: 18 front panel pushbuttons and Kramer IR remote receiver on front. RS-232 In/Out on DB-9 F/M and RS-485 on detachable terminal block.
  • POWER SOURCE: 90-240V/50-60Hz AC 30VA.
  • DIMENSIONS: 19-inch (W), 7-inch(D), 1U(H) – rack mountable.
  • WEIGHT: 2.2kg (4.9 lbs) approx.
  • ACCESSORIES: Power cord, Null-modem adapter, Windows®-based control software.


> Aplicações Típicas

  • Video broadcast studios for high quality signal routing.
  • Video production studios with Non-Linear editing systems.


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